Taxtics Risk-Free Guarantee







If we don’t recover any money for you … YOU DON’T Pay!

No up front expenses …
In fact, you won’t have any expenses!

All you do is make your records available on site, and Taxtics does the rest. 

All findings and client data are held in the strictest confidence. 

Our Working Agreement includes a non-disclosure clause.

“We were pretty certain we had everything in order with our PST. Linda Pomerleau from Taxtics . . . was able to secure three refunds for us totalling almost $20,000, that we received in just over a month or so of Linda applying for the credits. One of the refunds was for something we had already tried to recover and had been denied.
Also since she was here, we have revised our accounting practices which results in reduced PST costs going forward.
We would highly recommend Taxtics to any company looking to save some money.
Paul Randall, President, Lindahl Aluminum Ltd.